Photo by Mitchell Orr

Photo by Mitchell Orr


Published in the February 2017 edition of The Scarlet Leaf Review.

Having moved to a great neighborhood years before in anticipation of having kids, I wasn’t the least bit worried when my seven-year-old, Alyssa, wanted to ride her bike around our cul-de-sac. And when she asked if she could go with our neighbor Bryce to walk Pansy, I didn’t think twice about it. Read more 

Not Funny

Published in Adelaide, Year III, No. 9, Vol. 2, September 2017

I took a seat across from a man with black hair, a matching mustache, and eyes as icy blue as my late partner’s.  He sipped from a steaming cup. “Mr. Smythe, I presume?”

“That’s correct. I gather you’re a relation of Bill Brown.”

The British accent fit for a king disappeared. “Sam, it’s me.”

The beer stein I’d been drinking from too early in the day slipped out of my grasp and shattered on the floor. “What have you done--?”
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Scattered Pieces

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Is the Haunting from Without Or Within?

For twelve years, I have taught at the Letworth Academy for Boys, where I once was a pupil. I have not set eyes on the estate where I was born since my father sent me to school. Now comes the day I receive a letter from Maud, my father’s only remaining servant. Read more.