Unexpected Stops along the Way

Photo by  Andre Guerra  on  Unsplash

It’s me again. Bet you didn’t expect to hear from me — yet again — so soon. Some of you got my latest blog post in an email yesterday afternoon.

Some of you got that email. But maybe not all of you who’ve actually taken the time to subscribe to my blog. Every one of you clearly has great taste and online reading material.

I’m pretty sure all of you got my blog post from July — for the second time — early this morning.


Sorry about all this.

The repetition happened because I’m trying out a different mailing list storage provider, but I forgot to turn off the automatic mailing from the old provider. Meanwhile, some of you didn’t get yesterday’s post because you weren’t on the mailing list for the new provider. I think I Fixed the problem. You should be on the list now without having to do anything. If you haven’t seen my first October post, check it out. It’s better than this one.

Okay, I’ll leave your inbox alone for a while now. The next time you hear from me, I’ll have more exciting news to share. Thanks for subscribing, and happy wayfaring — or wheelfaring!